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Creature information
Scientific name : Suskityrannus hazelae
Time period : Middle Cretaceous
Primary diet : Carnivore
In the documentary
Fatalities caused : One Fish

Suskityrannus was a small tyrannosaurid dinosaur from the Mid cretaceous period 92 mya. It was first found in 1998 but named in 2019. Over the years it has gone through name changing, such as it being called zuni Coelurosaurs like in the show or Zunityrannus like in BBCs Planet Dinosaur (a different documentary).

When Dinosaurs Roamed AmericaEdit

In the Middle Cretaceous segment, the suskityrannus (called Coelurosaurs) are seen mostly as backround dinosaurs. Their first apperance is running through the forest, before we meet the Dromaeosaurs. But their true introduction is later when one Suskityrannus is catching a fish. Another Suskityrannus tries to steal the fish but failed and is chased away. They also are seen running around during the fire.

Trivia Edit

  • These are 1 of the 3 first feathered dinosaurs including the Dromaeosaurs and Nothronychus, in the documentary.
  • Orginally both of the specimens of Suskityrannus was thought to be a dromeosaur, then only one of them as the other became classified as a Coelurosaur. hence why there is a Coelurosaur and a dromeosaur in the show.
  • An early working name for the genus was Zunityrannus (meaning "Zuni tyrant").

Errors Edit

  • Coelurosaur's hands couldn't pivot without breaking them.
  • It should be more tyrannosaurid looking and much bigger, though granted, it wasn't known in full detail back then.
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