Creature information
Scientific name : Nothronychus mckinleyi
Time period : Early Cretaceous
Primary diet : Herbivore
In the documentary

Nothronychus was a therizinosaurid theropod dinosaur that lived from 92 to 83 million years ago. It was once a killer, but metamorphosed to vegetarian. It had razor sharp claws good for stripping plants and defending itself. It was pot-bellied and bizarre. Nothronychus was related to another animal called Therizinosaurus.

In When Dinosaurs Roamed America

In the Middle Cretaceous segment, a Dromaeosaurus runs away from a pack and he runs into 

Nothronychus looking at the Dromaeosaurus

Nothronychus and is wary, as he had never seen one before. The raptor sees it is possbly prey so he attacks, but he gets hit by the Nothronychus's claws. Raptors rarely make mistakes, but Nothronychus is rare in America. The raptor runs away to let the odd dinosaur feed on the trees. Later, when the Zuniceratops are fighting, the Nothronychus hears them and he quickly gets back to eating. Later, during the fire, he is running away. Later, a Nothronychus is burned by the fire. Lastly, the narrator says that the young of Nothronychus will get weirder and weirder over the course of evolution.


  • These are 1 of the 3 first feathered dinosaurs, including Dromaeosaurus and Coelurosaur, in a documentary.


  • Nothronychus' hands couldn't pivot without breaking them.

Nothronychus feeding in the trees

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