Armored Desmatosuchus
Creature information
Scientific name : Desmatosuchus smalli
Time period : Late Triassic
Primary diet : Herbivore
In the documentary
Desmatosuchus (meaning "link crocodile") is an extinct genus of archosaur belonging to the Order Aetosauria. It lived during the Late Triassic in Texas and New YorkDesmatosuchus was one of the largest aetosaurs, being 5 metres (16 ft) long and about 1.50 m (5 ft) high. It possessed an armored body and pig-like head. It had a shovel-like snout and weak teeth that suggest it lived by uprooting soft plants. Like many of its relatives, it had heavy armoured plates along its back, tail, and parts of the underside. However, unlike most other aetosaurs, Desmatosuchus also had two rows of spikes along the sides of its back. The largest spikes, above the shoulders, were 45 centimetres (18 in) long. These probably gave it extra protection against predators.

In When Dinosaurs Roamed AmericaEdit

We only see it in one scene in the late Triassic segment. Desmatosuchus comes to the creek to drink. A confrontation between a Rutiodon and the Desmatosuchus happens and the Rutiodon leaves the really well armored reptile alone. Coelophysis appears and approaches the Desmatosuchus. The Coelophysis mocks a lunge at the Desmatosuchus but the target does not tolerate the Coelophysis's presence. It aggressively swipes its armour-plated tail at the Coelophysis but it misses. The Coelophysis runs away shortly after. 

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